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First Impression Dental Fresno, Photos

Dr. Brett Lent has helped countless patients improve their oral health and achieve the smiles of their dreams. Please explore our gallery to see some of the beautiful results we have helped our patients accomplish. To schedule an appointment with our talented dentist at First Impression Dental of Fresno and learn more about comprehensive dentistry in Fresno, California, call us today at 559-513-0707!

Composite Dental Fillings

Cavity: Decay Vizualized

Cavity: Decay Removed

Prep: Tooth structure after all decay removed

After: Composite Material replacing decayed area

Crown Repair After Root Canal Treatment

After RCT: Temporary Filling is removed

Pulp Chamber: Sealed

After Repair: Crown repaired with composite material

Composite Dental Fillings Prepared With Solea® Laser

Before: Cavity/Decay detected on radiograph

Cavity: Decay visualized after initial prep

Prep: Tooth structure after all decay removed

After: Composite Filling Placed

Professional Dental Cleaning and Removal of Calculus

Before: Calculus build up on the inside of the lower front teeth

After: Teeth after calculus removed with dental instruments

Preventive Dental Sealants


Etch: Groove is etched to provide for better bonding